Other Bingo Variations

As well as 75 and 90 Ball Bingo, we also have some other fun ways to play, including 30 Ball and 80 Ball Bingo. Here’s everything you need to know about them:

30 Ball Bingo

If you’re looking for the fastest flavour of Bingo you can find, then 30 Ball Bingo might be just what you’re looking for. This rapid-fire game has just 30 balls, meaning games are over far quicker.

In 30 Ball Bingo, typically your Ticket will be a square 3x3 grid containing nine numbers. To win, you’ll need every number on your Ticket to be called.

Simple, swift and lively, savvy players love this new way to play.

80 Ball Bingo

Another innovative new Bingo variant, 80 Ball Bingo offers interesting new rules and more ways to win.

In 80 Ball Bingo, your ticket takes the shape of a 4x4 grid, numbered from 1-80. The lowest balls will be on the left of the ticket, with the highest on the right.

Most 80 Ball Bingo games have a few ways to win – they can be patterns like in 75 Ball Bingo, or have special rules, such as:

Diagonal, Vertical and Horizontal Bingo: Complete any line

Four Corners: Complete the four numbers that are in the four corners of your Bingo Ticket.

Full House: Complete your full Ticket and call Full House!